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  • Do I need a truck or trailer to pick up my pallet?
    Yes. Pallets are usually 48" x 40" and will fit in the bed of a truck or trailer.
  • Is the merchandise new on the pallets?
    No. The merchandise is NOT all brand new, although there can be new items. It is a mixture of overstock, store return, unclaimed freight, and liquidation and the condition is unknown before arrival.
  • Can I buy more than one pallet?
    Yes! We sell pallets individually up to however many desired. We also sell by the truck load which is usually 26 pallets.
  • Can I purchase if I am not intending to resell the items?
    Yes. Anyone can purchase a pallet.
  • What are the Hours?
    Sunday: CLOSED Monday: CLOSED Tuesday-Friday 12:30PM-6PM Saturday- 9am-12PM
  • Do you have an online sale?
    Yes! We do our online sale every Tuesday we have available at 6:30pm on our Facebook page.
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